Contemporary dance is very inclusive and respects a personal sense of movement and style. Class participants will be led through a series of exercises to build strength and coordination, connect movement to breath and mind to body. They’ll learn ways to move around the room, turn, jump, balance, roll on the floor and work with others to create sequences. Accompanying music for the class can vary, based on the movement being taught and explored, from minimal soundscapes to percussive rhythms and melodic electronica.


Here are some of our favourite contemporary companies and choreographers:

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If you're ready to invest in dance as part of an ongoing or new wellbeing initiative, or want to talk to us about how dance can help your employees become more physically and psychologically resilient, please complete the form or get in touch with Alexena Collins at / +44 (0) 203 290 8939.

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Contemporary dance combines elements of modern, ballet and jazz.


We run dance programmes in organisations, for people who want to improve their physical capability, psychological wellbeing and performance at work.

A unique discipline, offering unique benefits. Dance combines physical challenge and artistic expression. Taking dance class recreationally can improve muscular strength and flexibility; coordination, balance and posture; reduce stress and increase creativity, resilience and openness to collaboration. 

In a work context, dance participation can inspire new thinking, new ways of working together, help relieve stress and protect from lower back and postural issues, typical of a desk-based environment.

It gets us moving, connects the mind and body, gives us the chance to let off emotional and physical steam.


We work with other dance organisations to stay at the forefront of teaching and evaluation methods and bring that to ReadyAnd classes.


12-week stand-alone or rolling programmes of weekly classes

  • 8 x 1-hour Contemporary classes, developing technique and creating choreography

  • Inspiring teachers, experienced in creative education and teaching adults

  • Performance with dancers from ReadyAnd network

  • Holistic wellbeing assessments and one-to-one consultation at key points to observe progress 

Based on dance science research to maximise benefits:

  • Psychological: reduce stress;  increase resilience; inspire creativity and collaboration

  • Physical: build total body strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Dance is creative, social and expressive. Our programme can work as an innovative supplement to existing wellbeing initiatives or an original way to kickstart wellbeing and performance in your workplace.

Comprehensive package:
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